Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Assignment 2

Assignment 2

1. What basically do you want to write about?

Germany and Militarism

2. What problem would you like to solve?

The problem I would like to solve is answering the question of where the Militaristic behavior and views of Germany comes from. Where it's roots are.

3. What topics would keep your interest over the course of two semesters?

German military from Thirty Years War and before Napoleon conquered Prussia to today.

4. What do you already know the most about?

I already know about stuff during World War II and the the Holocaust and Germany.

5. What would you like to become even more expert at?

Germany and her military from the Thirty Years War til now.

6. What question or topic will require you to use what you have learned in both your emphases?

The Germany military and where the history of being so militaristic came from and where it brings them and leaves them today?

7. Can you state a first tentative question you would like to answer?

What tales throughout German history can help explain their Militaristic behavior and was this what made them able to be complicate to the final solution?

8. What kinds of resources will you draw on to pursue this topic?

Interviews I have given to Germans, books, documentaries, archives, journals, newspapers articles, using BYU and UVU libraries etc.

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