Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Assignment 3

1. What basically do you want to write about?

The roots of German militarism, from the unification of Germany under Prussian leadership leading to today and what there military is like now.

2. What problem would you like to solve?

The problem I would like to solve is proving how the culture of Germany during Prussia in the 19th century lead to World War I and II.

3. What topics would keep your interest over the course of two semesters?

German militarism in then 19th century and how the Prussian leadership got around Napoleons decree of only allowing Prussia to have a small army, and how this attitude and history of a huge militaristic population led up to the final solution.

4. What do you already know the most about?

I already know about stuff during World War II and the the Holocaust and Germany.

5. What would you like to become even more expert at?

Germany and her militarism during the 19th and 20th centuries.

6. What question or topic will require you to use what you have learned in both your emphases?

How the history of German military led the people to allow the final solution to happen.

7. Can you state a first tentative question you would like to answer?

Did the Prussian leadership in the 19th century give a foundation for Germany to become the militaristic people it was during world war one and two?

8. What kinds of resources will you draw on to pursue this topic?

Interviews I have given to Germans, books, documentaries, archives, journals, newspapers articles using BYU and UVU libraries etc.


  1. Ryan, this is narrowing to a good focus.

    What sources will you be using, specifically?

  2. Ryan, this might (or might not) be interesting: